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Artist & Multidisciplinary Designer based in Ocean Park, California.

This site acts as a personal bookmark of inspiration, knowledge and random things I find which help me advance my knowledge as a creative. Posts are saved as a reference point when information is needed. Knowledge is king. I currently work as a Senior Design Director focusing on User Experience and User Interfaces while driving future Product Visions for a great technology company. In my free time I combine art with technology to create rich interactive installations focused on 80’s style experiences.

November 6th 2012 was an important day for the United States of America. The country voted its leader for the next four years. Since it was such an important day I wanted to display through screenshots how all the major News companies handled the news announcement last night. At the time that the confirmation came through that Barack Obama would be our leader for another four years I decided to open all of the News companies websites and screenshot them all at the same time. This post above displays the simultaneous screenshots taken from the Election news.

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